About The Final Walk

The Final Walk is the title of a personal project that hopes to explore fashion through a critical and historical lens.  Fashion is, above all else, a means of self expression. The purpose of this blog is to discover and comment on the ebb and flow of fashion, to learn about its many histories and influences, and document its application in everyday life.  It is my belief that the latter is the most important lens through which fashion may be viewed, without the audience’s interpretation what runway could fashion walk upon?


Based in New York, the blog will explore current trends in the local and global market, reviewing and commentating global fashion brands, large and small.

By no means a fashion historian, I want this blog to be an opportunity to grow in my personal knowledge of fashion and share that knowledge with my readers.

About The Editor

First and foremost an eternal student of fashion, Xavier Totor is currently a Corporate Communications Manager at a marketing agency. Passionate about the fashion industry, the ebb and flow of high-powered CEOs, creative directors, editors, and photographers across this multi-faceted business has always fascinated him. The endless dialogue between the most influential Parisian couturiers and little known design students, streetstyle influencers and affluent celebrities, mainstream buyers and underground stylists, creates a bouquet of creativity that captivates him. Inspired by such writers as Hamish Bowles and Derek Blasberg, he continues to refine his writing and editing skills with personal projects that showcase his talent. In the future, he aspires to become an Editor at Large or Marketing Director. Driven, focused, and passionate, Xavier is determined to make waves in the fashion industry as best he can.