Xavier Totor



I'm a storyteller first. I’ve lived abroad and I love fantasy novels, but here’s what you really need to know:

  • BS. in Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration of Brand Management and Marketing 

  • 2+ years experience at DDB Singapore and DDB Korea as Regional Communications Officer

  • Skills as a Copywriter working with companies from LG Electronics to boutique e-commerce firms

  • Freelance Writing and Editing for Korean fashion brands and government organizations

  • Passion for fashion (in the most non-ironic way possible)

  • Experience communicating with a global network of offices

  • Hard skills in Adobe Suite

  • Capable of website management, social media management, and blog writing

  • Currently employed at DDB Worldwide as a Communications Manager reporting to the Head of Global Comms

Marketing / Comms / PR

APAC Regional Communications Officer

Working closely with clients like EA, Blizzard, Papa John's Henkel, Lego, and Royal Canin to meet marketing deliverables and metrics.

DDB Korea PR

Managing social media and PR for DDB Korea. 

2018 & 2019 Creative Agency of the Year Japan/Korea Region

Internal & External Comms

Building bridges around the world with the DDB network to meet client needs. 

Global PR

Keeping DDB KOREA in the best light possible to highlight our groundbreaking work, our fantastic talent, and our superb community!

Global Comms

Liaising with DDB Adam&Eve, the DDB London office, I worked to adapt the FIFA Online campaign 'El Tornado' for the Asian market. Working closely with the DDB Korea, DDB A&E, EA, and Nexen teams, I facilitated swift communication, assisted creatives at shoots, consulted on copy, and kept books and scheduling for the project. 

Copywriting / Editing


LG Electronics


Boutique Marketing Firm

Camille Works


Korean Cigarette Manufacturer 


Global Copywriting

Working closely with the DDB account services team, I developed copy for the LG's premium appliance line, LG Signature. I was instrumental in the creation of the phrase "Art Inspires Technology, Technology completes art." After development, I collaborated closely with agencies around the world to translate and adapt copy for individual markets. 

Writing Samples
150 Word Samples




Full Length Samples

for Aussie Lamb in 2019

Designer Jullian Woodhouse interview

Storytelling by exploring the histories of two fashion trends. 

Analyzing the cultural movement that is shifting Parisian fashion. 

A relevant writing style online, this piece explores runway design.

Focusing on overarching trends to weigh in on the direction of the industry.

Visual Content Creation
Product Copywriting
Social Media Management
Microsoft Suite
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