A meditation on Ariana Grande and Givenchy aka #Arivenchy

Out of all the celebrity endorsements out there, none are as bewildering as #Arivenchy.

Teased with a silhouette and debuted with a one minute spot and a slew of photos, the campaign is undoubtedly gorgeous. But after the stark beauty of the stills wears off, I put on my Carrie Bradshaw cap and can’t help but wonder: why?

Givenchy is a house known for dressing timeless celebrities in classic and elegant garments, and Creative Director Claire Wright Keller has chosen to continue this tradition with her own collections.

Thus, Grande seems an odd choice, an artist known for her young audience and approach to fashion. She’s very “now.” The collab video, like Grande herself, is quite cute. But is that the story we want from this house?

It’s always confusing when a brand goes rogue for a bit of the spotlight. Hopefully next time Givenchy channels more timelessness and less pandering.