Carolina Herrera Resort 2019

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Madam Ambassador, your collection awaits.

American fashion, much like American politics, is having an identity crisis. The G-7 Summit has (unsurprisingly?) been a mess for the Trump Administration, labels are leaving NYFW in droves, Trump is a bit confused about Canada’s role in the War of 1812, and names that were once cornerstones of American Fashion are beginning to have a questionable influence on the global stage.

With these issues at the forefront of the American conscience, we look to names that we can trust for guidance: the Bush's, the Lauren’s, the Kennedy’s, the Klein's, and the Obama’s of America. Carolina Herrera is one such name that can bring solace to even the most uncomfortable middle-American.

After spearheading her namesake for nearly 40 years, the powerhouse designer has since stepped down as Creative Director and took on an ambassadorial role (the political references write themselves) in 2017. Enter Wes Gordon, the relatively young American designer who’s worked for everyone from Oscar to Tom Ford, who put his own extremely popular brand on hold when he became a consultant for Carolina last year.

Gordon’s first attempt to step out of the (very powerful) shadow of his predecessor is notable; it is clear he’s done his homework, but isn’t afraid to step away from the history of it all. The collection shows a strong narrative, sure-handed design, and great attention to detail. While not drastically straying away from Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera, we can see his own voice come through the garments, particularly in the fabric choice, perhaps the farthest call from the OG designer.

“Anti-normcore” in the best way, the collection delivered the elegance we expect from Carolina while the fabrics and patterns kept the clothing light and wearable. It’s Carolina, of course he went chic.

See my favorite below