Caruso // 2019 SS Seoul FW Quick Recap

Find yourself a brand that can do both.

Some say that life is about finding balance; in health it’s called a diet, in Buddhism it’s called the Middle Way, and at Caruso it’s called fashion.

There are arguably two types of brands in men's fashion. Some go for trends and street fashion, riding the wagon until the wheels fall off. Others commit to tradition, keeping tailoring alive and regarding trends (normcore, anyone?) as a passing fad. A similar false dilemma can be found at smaller fashion weeks around the world. Fashion is dominated by the Top 4 Fashion Weeks (New York, Paris, Milan, London) and designers in smaller cities often stick to their own city’s identity or branch out and embrace a larger fashion audience by appealing to fashion at large and leaving their own city’s aesthetics behind.

At Caruso, designer Chang Kwang Hyo seems to have found SFW's Middle Way and fit all of the above into this Spring 2019 presentation, leaving us wanting more.

Not new to the fashion game, the designer has an eye for the greatest hits. From Korean trends that flatter and excite to traditional tailoring that grounds the brand, Chang created a show that felt both familiar and totally new.

Easing us into the show with traditionally gorgeous jackets and blazers, Chang kept us guessing after the first few looks with wildly colored suit separates, tracksuits, two-toned shirts, and blazers worn off-the-shoulder.

The seasoned designer also alluded to traditional Korean culture throughout the show in the styling, embroidery, motifs, and hair choice. The show peaked with the final look, a take on ‘Hanbok,’ traditional Korean clothing.

By leaning on design experience as a foundation for his garments, subsequent choices for wacky colors, materials, and applique didn’t read garish or crazy, they were cool and wearable.

This designer can do it all - and we want to wear it all. This is what we came to SFW for!

Check out all of the looks.


All photos courtesy of HERA Seoul Fashion Week.