Updated: May 29, 2018

All abroad the SS Fab.

It’s that time of year again, time to shed our winter attire, swapping it out for lighter jackets in anticipation for the warmer summer months. As some of us can only dream of taking a quick jaunt out to sea to get a head start in our tans, luckily enough, this cruise season, Chanel has created a backdrop for its show that takes us on a nautical journey of our very own.

Bringing Chanel’s Cruise show back home (previously been held everywhere from Havana to Venice), Karl Lagerfeld commissioned a cruise liner be erected in the Grand Palais. Every detail, right down to the counterfeit water off the dock, creates the illusion; as if a painting has jump out from above the mantle into almost-life-sized reality.

Strutting in this setting of Titanic proportion, the models showcased a number of wacky mismatched eras, patterns, and colors, giving the show a light-hearted departure from the less-than-wearable couture we saw a few months ago. Tiny knapsacks, ripped (borderline shredded) jeans, and capri pants mingled among sequins, strong shoulders, and 60’s mod dresses.

Perhaps a nod to the seemingly never-dying ugly sneaker trend, the models prepared to board in sensible single-strap flats, not but a stone’s throw from the Sketcher’s section of Lady Foot Locker. Paired with capris, white stockings, and a Barrett, how could one go wrong?

Overall, Chanel managed to once again do what it has done since Karl Lagerfeld began captaining the ship over three decades ago: take us to another world. A place where one could hardly imagine life without a sensible Chanel flat or logo stamped scarf to finish off a perfect tweed jacket and pleated skirt combo. And for cocktails on the main deck? I’m in the blue and white patterned flowy number. You can’t miss me.

Chanel Cruise ‘19 will hit stores in November.