Fashion Sensationalism

Updated: May 4, 2018

Y'all are too hype.

Written March 22, 2018

Ventements 2017, Balenciaga 2018

Today is less of an opinion piece and more of me trying to work through feelings that I’ve had ever since I started following fashion week around the world.

It’s time for Seoul Fashion week again.  I have a day job now and am unable to go and check out the street style myself in the famous DDP area of Seoul, something I’m not particularly upset about.  For years, and I mean years, I have felt only scorn for those “street influencers” skulking around street corners outside of shows pretending to be on their phones or going somewhere important. And, I mean, cool. Great. Awesome.  If you wear red golashes and an Off-White belt cinching an oversized plaid blazer everyday to work, cool, you’re just doin’ you. But I can’t with this sensationalist fashion that has become so normal in our fashion week coverage.  I don’t appreciate something that seems so forced and ingenuine.

And you know what, yeah, maybe I just resent all of the influencers.  And yes, I do wish I had their money and spending power and connects, obvs.  But I have a sense that we are getting farther away from an appreciation for fashion, and landing in a place where being outrageous for attention supersedes all else.  How else are we going to justify the rise of the “chic ugly shoe” (thnx Balenciaga) or just Ventements generally. Yes. I love their work, and the crossover and collaboration has been incredible.  Jimmy Choo Off-White rain heels the house down realness for your nerves work. Got it. But what happened to beautiful Balenciaga leather bags and structured McQueen gowns and clean Dior lines? Is nothing sacred?  At least I’ll (hopefully) always have Chanel (and Fendi and Valentino and Lanvin).

Maybe I’m being too hard on this next generation fashion.  It’s the ebb and flow of culture right? We’re moving into a new age where coolness is currency and the more hits the better.  Fashion isn’t supposed to be as stagnant as the Washington DC Political swap (am I right Trump voter?). Even Dior has to change (and sport t-shirts? Ugh? Too far Maria? Call me?!).

I’ve hated this movement ever since Bryan Boy broke into the fashionsphere. He changed the world. I don’t think it’s changing back.