Greedilous // SS 2019 Seoul FW Quick Recap

A kaleidoscope of colors and styles.

It was like your least favorite childhood toy exploded on the runway at Greedilous this season. With patterns to turn heads and beehive hairdos to top them, there was a lot to look at.

While neither sticking to a particular story line or narrative, nor committing to a time period or time of day, Greedilous kept us watching with no idea what was coming next.

Opening with a yellow and red check that was never to be seen again, we quickly moved into a section of white elaborately designed day(?)wear that quickly snowballed into a kaleidoscope theme that more or less carried us through the rest of the show.

Punctuated by an occasional ruffle, the show was a mixture of high and lowbrow clothing with everything from a pant suit to a sweatshirt and jeans. The stars of the show were the suits, both patterened and monotone. They gave us an anchor in the chaos as well as an opportunity to enjoy the tailoring skills of designer Park Yoon Hee.

A veteran of NYFW, the designer isn’t afraid to give her vision apologetically. Though TWF enjoys more of a cohesive story, we applaud Park’s commitment to her aesthetic. We’ll still line up for these looks, in a less-than-orderly fashion.

See all the looks.


All photos courtesy of HERA Seoul Fashion Week .