Ready to...Swim? / Chanel SS 2019 RTW

Just when you thought that a Chanel set couldn’t get any more theatrical, this season we found ourselves the middle of Paris.

Editor’s note: While reading Sarah Mower’s Vogue piece on this show, I came across the pun “C-side.” I’d like to let my readers know that I thought of this the moment I watched this show. That’s right, readers, you heard it here first. I was robbed.

This backdrop comes after a series of other nautically themed Chanel shows. My personal favorite Chanel show of all time, Cruise 2009, was held on the windy shores of Venice, and only two shows ago did we see the SS La Pausa as a backdrop for Cruise 2018. Lagerfeld has obviously been hearing the call of the ocean, and Spring presented the perfect opportunity for his muses to hit the sand.

Beach puns aside, this collection was quite stunning. The clothing was fresh and fun, with Lagerfeld’s usual tongue-in-cheek flair. Prancing about the sparkling beach created inside the Grand Palais, we saw the models at ease in a more casual look for Chanel. Lagerfeld has a tendency to find some ways to embellish his more casual clothing, but this season it was pure nonchalance. Unadorned leggings paired with jackets was like a breath of fresh, salty air in a climate of increasingly ugly-chic forecasts.

Among the usual tweed suits, Lagerfeld continued his Fall Couture skirt-in-skirt moment. In the couture collection, women had the opportunity to zip their slits as far up as they dared, revealing a mini-skirt in the same material skimming the top of their thighs. In this collection, there was less autonomy, but who would want to wear a full knee-length skirt while strolling along the beach!

Simple dresses adorned with fun, colorful patterns followed. But this is Chanel, so tweed was never too far away.

What was most striking were the overt references to the 80’s. For a career like Lagerfeld’s (one that has spanned decades) it is fascinating to see the same designing that catapulted Chanel back onto the scene by his hands in the 80’s. Layered chain belts, large Chanel block prints, finger-less gloves, big shoulders, belted jackets, and over-sized vests could be seen jumping out at you during the parade.

Evening, while no less glamorous, would fit in perfectly at any sea-side event. The easy, breezy, and zig-zagy black moment that ended the show was a mixture of beautiful prints, fabulous textures, and a few rompers no less.

Overall? My readers know what I like. I live and die by Karl’s Chanel. How could you not?

Bring back my rompers.