[Recap] Sarah Burton: Inheriting the Throne

Sarah Burton’s rise to power after the untimely death of Lee “Alexander” McQueen was swift. After securing the crown jewel of fashion, a royal wedding gown, Burton became a household name.

Royal stamp of approval notwithstanding, Burton’s approach to the magical, dark, and emotional world of McQueen has made her a fashion staple. She is able to bring the tomes of the house into the present and beyond.

In a male dominated field she managed to solidify the influence of the Alexander McQueen label for the ages, all while paving the way for other female designers and creating a successful model for brand successors. As fashion has grown and evolved, she has remained steadfast, calling upon archives for her inspiration and delivering clothing that will remain timeless through the ages, untouched by trends.

For this she is wildly underrated. For this she is a queen.

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