Songzio Homme // SS 2019 Seoul FW Quick Recap

At Songzio Homme, more is more.

More masculine, more black, more shapes, more cheekbones, more look. And we ate it all up.

Korean culture is taking the world by storm at the moment. One only has to glance at the cover of TIME Magazine to see the young, adorable faces of the male idol group BTS looking back. The group of young men peering down at you from their new (and surprisingly high) positions as global trend-makers gives a good indication of what a lot of the most influential Korean pop culture looks like: young, cute-faced teenagers whose skinny frames drip with over-sized clothing performing meticulously choreographed dances in a full face of makeup (watch out for the guy-liner).

Not all Korean men look like this, obviously, and not all culture revolves around a feminine take on the male form. Enter Songzio Homme, giving us a taste of just what a hard masculine aesthetic looks like from a Korean perspective.

The season didn’t seem to enter the consciousness of designer Zio Song, as the collection stuck to the brand’s signature black on black while layers and jackets (from trench to denim) reminded showgoers of the chilly months to come rather than the warmer season beyond.

The tailoring was also a free-for-all with a plethora of options to satisfy any closet. From skinny and cropped to long and baggy, the bottoms showed both sides of contemporary Korean fashion while jackets were both fitted and exaggerated with voluminous shapes.

The collection remained cohesive despite its range in cut, mainly because the overt masculinity of it all hit you square in the face.

And hey, who knows, at the rate climate change is happening, maybe we will need some turtlenecks and overcoats in mid-June.

See all the looks.


All photos courtesy of HERA Seoul Fashion Week.